Mission and Outreach

Contact the church office for more information.

CD Ministry

Delivered each week by the Deacons, the CD Ministry provides audio recordings of the worship service (and CD players if needed) to the home bound.

Makers & Takers

As an outreach program of the Board of Deacons, Makers and Takers enlists folk willing to help make food, or take food to families who have a serious illness, death or other emergency.

Worship Services

Our church also conducts worship services every 1st Wednesday of the winter months at Partridge Knoll at 11:00 am in the activities room. On the 4th Tuesday of the month services are held at the senior highrise apartments, 35 Riverside Drive, at 2:00pm. Everyone is invited to attend!

Sister Churches

Brick Chapel and Crary Mills

Brick Chapel has services held first Sunday in June through last Sunday in August. Worship begins at 10:30 am.


Ministry In the North Country is a Cooperative Parish in the Presbytery of Northern New York. Representatives of member churches (of which ours in one) meet to do bible study, pray and undertake ministry initiatives such as Foster Kids Christmas, Rural Rehab Housing, Cottage Industry, Vacation Bible School, Health Initiatives and Farm Outreach.

Women Of Grace Widow’s Fund

The Women Of Grace Widows’ Fund is a joint mission project of the Canton and Watertown NY Presbyterian Churches.  The mission of the Women Of Grace Widows’ Fund is to enact and make real an ongoing structure to alleviate the extreme poverty faced by widows in Malawi by providing funding to meet basic food, shelter, and safety needs, while creating opportunities and resources that enable and empower widows to establish their own self-sufficiency and independence, regardless of religious affiliation.

Church & Community Program

Incorporated  in 1974 by the seven member churches and funded with donations from the Seven Member Churches plus community organizations, fraternal organizations, students and ‘Friends”, the Canton Church and Community Program helps provide a safety net for those in crisis situations, assists with emergency needs, and provides volunteer opportunities for area residents. The Church and Community Manager, Carol Linn, can be reached by phone or FAX at 315 386-3534 – Email address CantonCCP@aol.com.  Churches Of Canton Inc – Newsletter #544177